Thinking in Decades

by Ryan

Ten years ago today, the Buffalo Sabres were three wins away from the Stanley Cup finals.

I have a very hard time comprehending that 1999 was a decade ago. I remember so much about that season it’s actually quite alarming, but my mind just isn’t wired to think in decades of my life just yet. had a feature on the Rob Ray goal from Game Four of the Conference Finals, which reminded me just how much fun it was to play the Leafs in the playoffs. We should do that again sometime, even if that means the Leafs are decent again.

Anyway, that story reminded me that we have a few interesting anniversaries coming up. Namely, the ten year anniversary of the Sabres’ last trip to the Cup Finals. There’s also that whole “No Goal” thing as well. I’d keep going, but I have a bit of dust in my eye at the moment. Oh, and that wall needs plastering.


The reason I mention all this is because like it or not they are important dates in Sabres history. Since it’s been ten years, we probably should talk about that playoff run a bit. What I’m unsure of is exactly what we should say, or what you want to hear. I’m sure no one wants to beat “No Goal” further into the ground, but there really were a lot of great moments from that team, Ray’s goal included.

Do we want a refresher on that playoff run? A bunch of YouTube videos? Personal memories and pizza parties? Should we all just get together and watch this year’s Finals instead?


I have a feeling that I will be posting plenty of things anyway, but if you have any ideas feel free to share.


  1. Cari

    I can’t believe that was 10 years ago either; it seems like it was just yesterday. And I was there for most of it. Where did my life go?

  2. The 1999 playoffs brings back memories of living on Elmwood at the time and people partying all night after a win. Unfortunately when 1999 is mentioned the first memory that pops into my head is sitting at Dunn Tire park watching the Sabres lose. As soon as it was over everything pretty much ended and no one really knew about the “No Goal” until well after the game had ended as no one wanted to listen on the radio or on TV.