The Wallflowers, Relative Strangers, and Oscar Speeches

by Ryan

Two years, 1400 posts.

If you ask me, those numbers are nothing short of shocking. That’s 700 posts a year, 1.91 posts per day. When you consider that we only have just over 1800 posts total it becomes pretty clear just how often you’re hearing from me around these parts.

You might not believe me, but Chris, Jon, and Rich do indeed exist. In fact, lookaroundyouthey apologize for their inactivity all the time, and I always tell them it’s not a big deal. Nothing here is mandatory, and despite the fact that I write over 77% of our posts this really is a team effort.

Still, I write a LOT of posts. I mean, this might shock you but writing a sports blog doesn’t really pay the bills just yet. I leave the house and everything, and not just to go to more sporting events. Looking back I’m not really sure where I found the time to do all of this, and I never thought I would get so involved.

When I look back on our first post so long ago I can’t help but wonder how things can be so different while staying exactly the same. What we want to accomplish here is still simple: keep writing and keep others entertained. We cheer for the same teams, talk about the same things, and keep using the same ridiculous tags.

At the same time, everything is different. We’ve moved to a new website, watched games from the press box, and even met a few of you guys in person. We have a Twitter and a Facebook and even a stack of press passes we could show you sometime. Posts have gone from once a day to three and sometimes seven, and as that number goes up my sleep schedule shrinks. The last twelve months have been a crazy, sleepless ride; and looking back on it makes me wonder a lot of things.

First of all, what am I even doing here? There’s got to be better things to do, and those better things probably involve sleep. Why do I bother watching games at 4am just to write a post about them? What’s so important about a hockey or football game? Why does anyone care what I have to say about Paul Gaustad’s faceoff percentage?

To be honest, I don’t know and I don’t care. If there’s anything I understand about The Goose’s Roost it’s that I’ve had a lot of fun over the past two years. It’s fun writing here, it’s fun being a sports fan; and answering that text message from Jon was one of the better decisions I’ve ever made.

thantsIt’s strange to say, but I like knowing there has to be a post ready for the next morning, no matter how tired I am. Dare I say, it’s… fun. It’s fun knowing that somewhere out there is a person who wonders what I think about last night’s game. It’s fun coming up with post ideas and making photoshops and learning how to cover lacrosse. Writing this blog is fun, and if it wasn’t I would never have become so involved.

So today I want to say thank you to everyone who has made this fun for me. Thanks to Chris, Rich, and Jon for starting this little experiment. Chris and I may have started as relative strangers, but today they are three of my closest friends.

Thanks to Dave for helping out with the new site and for always being able to attend hockey games on my dime. He may owe me a lot, but I owe him quite a bit, too.

Thanks to Erika for reading my posts, helping with my ideas, and for being the bearinvertedbest hockey mind I know. She’s the one who puts up with me even when it seems like I love sports more than anything. I don’t.

Most of all, thanks to you, dear reader. Thank you for reading, and thank you for giving us a chance. Every link, comment, and glance we’ve ever had is appreciated, and I only hope you’ve enjoyed your time here. I may never meet most of you, but I’d like to think we’ve made a lot of friends over the last two years. I hope you feel the same way.

I have no idea where all this is headed, but it’s been a heck of a ride. So here’s to 700 more posts, 12 more months, and a lot more fun. Things could be very different this time next year, but I have a feeling that some things will always stay the same.

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  1. Mike

    Thank you for posting this. Over the last couple months I have started reading a bunch of Sabres blogs and have contemplated starting one myself, but was unsure for a number of reasons. You just reminded me exactly why I want to do it.