Spring Classic

by Ryan

I have a confession to make. For as much as I despise Detroit, I’m secretly rooting for them.

I don’t really have feelings for any players either way, but I love what their team represents as a whole. The way their front office does business, the trust within the organization and their players; Detroit is the model franchise in the league in not just on-ice talent but in the way they do business.

And so while there are obvious rooting interests in Chicago this series, I want to see Detroit succeed. It’s an odd feeling for sure, but I think in the end I want to see them advance.

As far as the Blackhawks/Red Wings series, I keep going back to what happened in this year’s Winter Classic. Chicago got off to a great start, but at a certain point it became very clear that Detroit was the better team. The big swing came with a little help from the wind:

In some ways I think this series will play out in a similar fashion. Chicago will start strong and continue to turn heads. They have a ton of talent and clearly have shown they can win big games in the playoffs. However, Detroit has been there before, and in time they will take control. It may take a few games and it may even go seven, but count on Detroit to make it happen once again.

Wings in 6.