Sinking Our Newly Formed Teeth In

It’s been two years now, but I’m still pretty amazed we’re even doing this.

For those of you that don’t know, around this time in 2007 I was having an IM conversation with Jon that basically went like this:

Me: You know how we pretty much hate all of the sports blogs out there?
[This was the time when blogs weren’t quite accepted yet and the MSM was still playing catch up]
Jon: Yeah.
Me: Wanna start our own?

Jon had a friend named Ryan who he thought might be interested in contributing, too. Turns out Ryan got a crazy idea a few weeks before and had already set up a site on Blogspot. Go figure…Ryan was ahead of us from the start. Then Rich came aboard (he’s not dead, really) and here we are.

When I look at the work we’ve done with the Roost, like I said, I’m still shocked we’ve been able to pull it off. Ryan’s been carrying us but a lot of the stuff you see in his posts are collaborations. While Ryan may write the posts, he’s always talking with me, Jon and Rich. The difference is that while I may say, I’m going to write a post about such-and-such, Ryan just does it. I’ve got at least eight half-finished posts sitting in Draft. So a big thanks to Ryan for keeping us alive and motivating us to chip in when we can. This is fun. And knowing that people actually read it make it that much better. We’ve met a lot of cool people, both well-known and not-so-well-known because of this. We’ve been able to do some pretty unique things as well like cover games and go to press conferences.

The Roost to me is a time capsule. I can go back and look at the end of the 2007 Sabres playoff run or this past Bills season after Trent Edwards was knocked out of the Arizona game and remember how I felt at that particular moment. And with the comments you post, I’m able to see how if what I was feeling matched the reactions of other fans.

I’m glad we’ve been able to share all of these memories with you. And the best news I think of right now is that we haven’t even begun to tap into our potential. We’ve got a nice new toy in this Web site now and we’re going to find ways to utilize it in the best possible ways.

Thanks for hanging out with us. It’s been a great two years and hopefully there will be many more to come.

. -Chris


  1. New toys, I like new toys.

  2. Joe

    I got into reading this because I went to school with Jon and Chris for a few years, but as it has developed, it is now because I enjoy the insights and commentaries. I have to say, I routinely check this web page. Keep up the good work guys!