Saturday Morning Stuff

by Ryan

– Listening to Bill Simmons talk about hockey is absolute murder. Stick to basketball, frontrunner.

– Corey McIntyre was arrested for… um… well, just read the story.

– Not to be outdone, Pro Football Hall of Famer Bruce Smith was busted for DUI. Good times all around.

– Tyler Myers played with Kelowna last night in the Memorial Cup with pretty strong results. Sabres Prospects has the full recap.

Ducks Red Wings Hockey

– I have to admit, I’m really excited for the West finals. I think I might do a post for each series, just because I’m that excited.

– I’m not sure how this happened, but I miss the NBA right now. I wish it was on while the NHL is reloading. Instead, Sunday will be absolutely crazy.

– This has nothing to do with anything, but I no longer have David Ortiz as my computer background. It’s just too depressing.