Reed and Moulds on T.O.

By Chris

In this week’s Sporting News, 23 former NFL wide receivers were surveyed on various topics.

Among the questions:

Do you think Terrell Owens’ move to Buffalo will end well?

No 7
Who knows? 7
Yes 6
Who cares? 2
Hope so 1

They said it:

“Total drama will be the end result. Big fish, little pond.” -Tim McGee

“I think with the right coaching, it will be great. Unfortunately, Bill Belichick’s staff is in New England.” -Eric Moulds

“Depends on his psychological commitment to the team’s success.” -Al Toon

“As a former Bill, the city is small and will embrace him as long as his attitude is strictly about winning games and not himself.” -Andre Reed

“It it lasts one year, yes. If it last longer, no.” -Boyd Dowler

“The Bills may win it all.” -Peter Warrick

And no, the Warrick comment wasn’t a joke. I think.

Personally, as it is a one-year deal, I think Reed’s comments just about sum up how I feel about The Year of T.O.

Moulds was never one to bite his tongue, but he comes off as sounding bitter about the coaching staff that traded him to Houston in 2006.

Unfortunately, we never got a quote from Quinn Early on T.O. It’s not too late.