Random YouTube Wednesdays

by Ryan

Most blogs that have a “YouTube post” are usually mailing it in. It’s the blogging equivalent of a teacher making the class watch a video instead of making a lesson plan. Now I’m often guilty of this myself, but at least we would show you cool “Look Around You” spots in this hypothetical classroom.

Anyway, today we have a random YouTube for you, but it’s pretty special if you ask me. Fresh on the series of tubes, the introduction of the Whales Conference team from the 1981 NHL All Star Game.

Some things worth noting here:

– Buffalo Sabres head coach Scotty Bowman.

– Danny Gare as the only Sabres player on the team.

– The roar the crowd gives for the Kings players. It’s hard to imagine what it was like with that line going for L.A..

– Bob Gainey almost falling at center. He looks much, much different now.

I think we’ll make a habit of this over the summer. There’s plenty of old videos out there to keep us occupied.


  1. Keller

    “Whales Division” either that is darn funny or we have a generation gap in progress.