Random Tuesday Night Links

by Ryan

– Shaq is taking a class at Syracuse University this week. I honestly think that’s a great idea. We’ve seen a ton of former athletes do a horrible job as television analysts. At least we can train them to be good at what they do post-retirement.

– Speaking of basketball, tonight is the NBA Draft lottery. I find it odd just how excited I get about the draft lottery every year. I think it will be even more fun than the Game One in Los Angeles tonight.

– Yesterday Budd Bailey had a nice season-ending article about the Bandits. It was a disappointing year for sure, but my first in the press box really was a lot of fun.

– Danny Briere is having eye surgery.

Hurricanes Penguins Hockey

– Random: I think both Dan Bylsma and whatshisface for Carolina look like the default comment avatars. Thoughts?

– The Bisons lost in Pawtucket today. Fernando Martinez hit two home runs in the loss, and the team is slowly starting to hit. That’s good news for Daryl Strawberry Bobblehead Day on Saturday.

– We’re going to post our Reading With the Roost list tomorrow. If you have any more ideas, let us know in the comments. We’re going to keep the list on the sidebar, and I think we will have a lot of fun with this all summer.


  1. Sabresfan88

    Every time I see Bylsma from now on, that’s what I’m picturing.

    As for reading, I just started one of three Chuck Palahniuk books I plan to read in the near future. How about some more from him?

  2. Perhaps Pygmy? That’s his new one. Hrm… I might be making an Amazon purchase…