Rainy Day Planning

by Ryan

Late last night I got an email about a book we recommended last year. I’m not saying it was a positive email, but it reminded me that we need to start planning this summer’s version of Reading With the Roost.

Last year’s version went fairly well, but we’re going to try a bit harder this summer. Most of the books on last year’s list were either read and never posted about, or on the list for this year. One book on the roster for sure is Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers”, which happens to be sitting three feet away from me as I type.


I know there’s been some interest in this book from some of our readers, but we wanted to know if anyone had some ideas for us. Sometime next week we’ll have an official list and pick a book to read first, but we’re more than willing to make a book run. If you have some suggestions, feel free. We want you guys involved in this as well.


  1. I thought “Outliers” had some really interesting stuff in it. I think you guys will like it if you haven’t already read it. I haven’t read “The Tipping Point” but “Blink” was also good. I’m in the middle of Pat Jordan’s “A False Spring” right now and it’s pretty terrific. I’m also just about done with “Don’t Stop Believin’: How Karoke Conquered the World and Changed My Life” which was a perfect quick, silly read. Pop culture fluff through and through with a Chuck Klosterman recommendation right there on the front cover.

  2. Isn’t Bill Simmons putting out a new book? Seems like an obvious choice.

    • Yeah, it’s 700 pages and coming out at the end of October. We’re all probably buying it, so consider it a late-fall entry for sure.