Quick Thoughts on Game One

by Ryan

The scheduling gods had a funny way about the second round, didn’t they? Last night Vancouver opened up at home to Chicago, and that was it. Just that one game. Here are a few things about Game One while we wait for the other three series to start up:

– I really do think Vancouver is the better team in this series, but the Blackhawks were pretty impressive in the final two periods. Maybe it has something to do with who they played in the first round. Calgary gave them a tough series and that could be a good thing in a way. Very few injuries, but they were ready for the second round for sure.


– Wasn’t Patrick Kane downright Briere-esque in his performance last night? Last night Chris was reminded of Pominville, but I remember all those rebound on the doorstep goals from our old friend Danny. Kane was the guy who got the Blackhawks going last night, but it wouldn’t be enough.

– I don’t understand the fascination with Kyle Wellwood. There, I said it. He had a good game, but I don’t get it.

– I know everyone will say it’s “youth” that cost them the game, but there is absolutely no excuse for that goal with just over a minute to go. It was an awful play from the start: the dump into the corner, the 1 on 4, and three Blackhawks refusing to backcheck with the game on the line.

Chicago gave this game away, and you just know it will come back to haunt them. Even if they win Game Two and split the road trip, everyone knows they could have had so much more.

– Of course it was Campbell who couldn’t handle the puck in the corner. Scotty Bowman was wondering what the hell he was doing down there anyway, which is an excellent question. Vancouver played that last 30 seconds like the slot didn’t exist. So did Soupy.

– In a related story, if Bowman ever gets sick of those kids in Chicago, he can help out in Buffalo any time he wants.

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  1. NoUseForANickname

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed it was Brian Campbell that was busy failing on defense there.

    You know those guys you trade away or lose on free agency, and it just burns you inside because before long you know they’ll come back and kill you somehow? Well…Campell’s not one of them.