Post your suggestions for our next ‘Insignificant’ series

By Jon

In keeping with a recent summer tradition, we’re going to be kicking off a new “Most Insignificant” series at some point next week, and we’re looking for suggestions (Calling Brian S….)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the series, last summer we crowned two “champions” of insignificance: Radoslav Hecl as The Most Insignificant Sabre of the Last Decade and the Buffalo Sharks/Silverbacks/Stampede as The Most Insignificant Franchise in Buffalo History. You can check those series out here and here.

The format will remain the same (or similar, at least). We’re not totally sure what our topic will be, so we’re looking for some help in the comments.

A few ideas:

– I would like to do something Bills-related, but it’s kind of tough because there are so many players on the roster who have seen little to no playing time. Maybe something like “The Most Insignificant Quarterback to wear a Bills uniform” or something of the sort?

-If we’re going to do something with the Sabres (which I have no problem with), we could take the easy route and do “The Most Insignificant Sabre of the 90’s,” but I kind of screwed things up by doing the last decade last time, so we would have to disqualify Hecl, I think.

Anyway, have at it in the comments and we’ll start things off next week. In the meantime, enjoy our banners that used to hang from The Roost’s rafters….



  1. Weirdest. Post format. Ever.

  2. Jon

    Yeah, I don’t really know what happened to it or how to fix it.

  3. brian s.

    I like the idea of doing something about the Bills, but as you said that’s kind of tough with so many guys on the team (besides, Todd Collins would win that hands down). Another idea is “most insignificant professional athlete to be born and/or raised in the Buffalo area.” Like Cliff Robinson, but not as good.