Outliers and Clarence Campbell

by Ryan

Last year I made a habit out of briefly talking about our Reading With the Roost selection before officially discussing the book. I thought I’d do the same thing this year, so here we go.

My first book is going to be Malcolm Gladwell’s
Outliers. Last year we put Gladwell’s Blink on the list and I didn’t get to it until this winter. Writing a post by then seemed inappropriate, so I held off. This time we’re going full throttle at Outliers because it does have a lot to do with hockey.

Case in point, the book’s first chapter mentions junior hockey and the impact a player’s date of birth has on their development. One of the athletes Gladwell specifically mentions is Darren Helm, who averaged over a point per game for the Medicine Hat Tigers in 2006-2007. Where was Helm last night?


Blackhawks Red Wings Hockey

Blackhawks Red Wings Hockey

I think come Monday we will have something to talk about here. I’m going to finish reading it this weekend and discuss some options with Rich, so if you’d like to read along with us, feel free. Monday look for something of substance from us, and be ready to tell us your birthday.