Orr and Television

by Ryan

What an awesome video.

Tonight the Bruins open up their series with the Carolina Hurricanes. Carolina is coming off a big win over the New Jersey Devils, a win which about fourteen people actually saw live. The problem was that New Jersey never got on national television, which is pretty amazing if you ask me. In fact, the only way I saw any of the games was if I used other means, and even then there were often other games going on.

So with the start of the second round you would think the NHL could get these things right. There are half the series going on, and so it should be easier to get some space between these games and their start times. Well, not so much.

Tonight the Boston/Carolina and Detroit/Anaheim series will start just a half hour apart. That means unless you have two heads and two televisions you won’t be watching both. Now I’m sure there are good reasons for this (scheduling conflicts, television rights, The Wiggles in town…) it still looks pretty bad. The second round will be two days old, one series has yet to start, and one game won’t even be on television.

Of course around these parts we are lucky: the Detroit game will be on CBC and if you have cable you can watch whatever you want. Still, it just doesn’t look like a smart gameplan from the casual observer. Add in the warnings from NBC about its derby coverage and there’s only more cause for concern.

It just looks… bad, and for some fans it looks like a blank screen. Not the way you want to grow the game.