On hearing from Marv, er.., Russ

By Jon

Whenever I hear from Marv Russ, my reaction can be summed up one of two ways: “Hey, that was somewhat interesting,” or “Thank God I just wasted my time reading this text message.”

In fact, there’s only been one time I received a text from the Bills that really got me excited: When they announced a press conference when all of the T.O. rumors were catching steam.

Imagine my reaction when I got this one…

“The Buffalo Bills have waived wide receiver Mike Jefferson. Visit Buffalobills.com for OTA news and notes.”

Look, Russ, I really appreciate the text messages. They are quite convenient when I haven’t checked the interwebs for a while and quite often you send me some relevant and interesting tidbits, but when you send me news on a wide receiver who was no better than eighth on the depth chart, I feel like the parent of a homesick kid who just left for college and calls home too much.