New Jack City

by Ryan

Rick Jeanneret is the first thing that comes to mind when people think of the Buffalo Sabres.

That’s the power a good announcer has. When you ask draft picks their first impression of the Sabres, Jenneret is their answer. I’m not sure how many hockey teams can say that, but I’m sure that’s something Buffalo is proud of.


So what do Sabres fans think of Jack Edwards? This spring he’s been the topic of many conversations when it comes to Bruins hockey. That may be a result of Boston’s dominant play, but it also has something to do with this.

Edwards’ YouTube library isn’t limited to just Patriots Day ramblings, either. From intentionally mocking Flyers fans to calling out Steve Ott, he pulls no punches when he’s in the broadcast booth. In fact, he’s got his own best of video out there already.

If any of this sounds familiar, well, you’ve been paying attention. When I see a video like this out there I know I’m not the only one thinking that Rick and Jack are in the same class of announcer. Both in their style and the debate they bring along with them, Jack Edwards and Rick Jenneret are by far two of the most interesting announcers in the league.

So here’s my question: as Sabres fans and/or Rick Jenneret fans, are you obligated to like Jack Edwards? Or, is part of what makes RJ so fun the fact that he is only biased towards the Sabres?

I think back to a game earlier this year when Rick scolded the Mellon Arena horn blower and wonder how I’d feel about it if I were rooting for the other side. That’s sort of how you have to look at Edwards if you ask me. If you like Rick, do you have to like Jack on mere principle?

So what do you think? Here, start with this:


  1. Sabresfan88

    Hate him, hate him, hate him.

    There’s a difference. Jeanneret’s just a lovable homer. While opposing fans may find him annoying and over the top, his calls are never offensive or aimed at pissing someone off. I can’t speak to much more of Edwards’ talent, since I’ve never actually heard him call an entire game, but the guy is annoying as hell in the famous clips.

  2. NoUseForANickname

    I think him and RJ would be a great pairing…maybe for the all star game.

  3. Rick is a homer, sure, but he’ll criticize the team if necessary. He knows when they’re playing poorly, or when they’re guilty of a penalty. He’ll also say if an opposing player made a helluva move and/or made a Sabre look like a pylon.

    Jack Edwards wouldn’t admit that the Bruins were in the wrong if Lucic took a two-handed swing with his stick and gave an opposing player a career-ending concussion.

    In all, I nearly vomit whenever I have to listen to Edwards.

  4. I have to say no, because unlike Jeanneret he doesn’t do the radio broadcasts. Because as fun as some of Jeanneret’s calls sometimes are the reason to really like him is that he is a good radio play by play guy…