Miroslav Satan: A Brawler’s Retrospective

by Ryan

So things got a bit chippy at the end of the Penguins/Hurricanes game last night. Kris Letang got into it after an icing and…

Hurricanes Penguins Hockey

Wait, is that Miroslav Satan?

Hurricanes Penguins Hockey

Holy crap it is. Wow, he looks like a real brawler in that picture. Let’s go over his extensive fight card:

Jon mentioned this one a while back, and it’s just as awful as it was a year ago.

Now here’s Miro from last night:

To be honest, I was just surprised he was throwing punches at all. Our little Satan is all grown up…

One Comment

  1. OMG! All the years in Buffalo… I don’t remember a single punch ever. I didn’t know he knew how to throw one.