Martinez makes terrible first impression

By Jon

I know Ryan handles the Bisons coverage ’round these parts, but this one was too good to pass up.

Remember Fernando Martinez? Well, kudos to the NY Daily News for summing up his second Major League game with one line…

One day you’re the King of Queens, the next day you’re hearing Bronx cheers.

Looks like our friend made a pretty dumb play yesterday. He didn’t run out a simple flyball that fell to the ground in front of home plate before he was thrown out at first, killing a Mets rally in the sixth.

Fundamentals, kid. Fundamentals.

From the Daily News

The 20-year-old prodigy the Mets called up on Tuesday should by all indications enjoy a long and successful career in the major leagues, but if last night’s game at Citi Field taught Martinez anything, it’s that if he wants to get there, he’d better hustle. In his second big-league game, Martinez experienced the first bonehead moment of his young career when an inexcusable lack of hustle cost the Mets an out and curtailed their chances at putting together a big rally in the sixth inning.

And what a wild sixth inning it was. Two batters after umpires awarded Daniel Murphy what appeared to many to be a phantom home run, Martinez stepped to the plate with Ramon Castro on second and the Mets looking to build on their two-run lead. On the 3-1 pitch, Martinez got under a fastball and popped it almost straight up into the air, just a few feet in front of home plate.

However, rather than running to first base, Martinez committed the cardinal sin of standing near the batter’s box and watching his pop-up. So when Washington catcher Wil Nieves made a complete mess of it – the ball eluded his glove, banged off his chest protector and plopped to the ground – pitcher Ron Villone had more than enough time to scramble to it, pick it up and throw out Martinez at first.


“I don’t know what happened but I just feel bad,” Martinez said after the Mets’ 7-4 win. “I promise that’s not gonna happen again. I’m sorry (to) my fans; they booed me today, but I promise that’s not gonna happen again to me.”

“Martinez made a huge mistake,” said Manuel. “A huge mistake.”