Greatest Hits Volume II

We did this last year and had a lot of fun digging through the archives. So, here’s part two:


On Bassinets and Briere– Okay, so May wasn’t a great month for us…


On Sweet Sauce and a Satisfied Mind– Ryan always seems to have a good post following the Stanley Cup Finals.

0-2, 2K– Rich with a good take on ESPN.

No I Mean My Husband is Coming Back: A Seatfiller’s Story– Ryan takes in the NHL Awards.

The New Nathan Horton– A post you’ll hear from again in this list.


Free Agency Insomnia Part Two– A second look at July 1.

Off The Post– In hindsight, that was an odd moment for everyone.

Why Second Place Matters– Did Ryan actually write about the Home Run Derby? Wow.

Magic Tricks and Living up to the Hype– One of those “only during the summer” posts.

Not So Instant Analysis– Chris breaks down the Miller contract.


You Make Your Own Destination– Ryan has a hard time writing about Manny Ramirez. This is why.

Fantasy Moneyball– In a related story, Chris owes Ryan and Rich 20 bucks…


Winning That Sack Race– One of Ryan’s favorites. Best Bills post by far.

Believe in Now– Written right after Week One. Probably the high point of the season.


A View from the Roost: Atlast Keeps Rolling– October was a good month for Thomas Vanek.

A View from the Roost: All Around the World– When Atlas was at his best.

Crossed Out Name– It seems odd to write about the Phillies, but he did.


A Candidate We Can Believe In– Ryan likes writing as Goose. More on that later.

Zero Days Without Incident– Who doesn’t like a sentimental Tim Connolly post?

Common People– Terrible, terrible moment. I’ve never taken a day off of life after a game, but I did after that one.


Rational Response– This was the start of a bitter, bitter month.

F-k You, J.P. Losman– We still get comments on this one. Great post if you’re into that kinda thing.

Tim Connolly is… The Continental– Ryan probably worked on this post harder than any other. Not sure what that says about him… or that post.

A View from the Roost: The Start of Nothing– Angry post, but pretty well written.

Everything and Nothing– One of Ryan’s favorite. Chilling Christmas story.


What’s Wrong With Ottawa?– As it turned out, a lot less than we thought.

The Return: Featuring Pat Burrell and Barry Sanders– I’m telling you, Rich needs to post more often…

On Timmy– Everyone loves a Tim Connolly sentimental moment.

A View from the Roost: Miller Steals One– Chris with a rare “View” post that wasn’t written by Ryan.

Introducing– Jason Pominville’s Postgame Press Conference Bingo.

Blowin’ in the Wind– Remember that awful Chicago game?

A View from the Roost: Timmy Comes Alive– Everyone loves a Tim Connolly breakthrough post.

Atlas Turned Heracles– Statistical Analysis? Wha?

On Tropp– Corey Tropp got into a bit of trouble, and we broke it down with a bit of help.


A View from the Roost: Atlas Comes Home– Fun game, and a fun post.

Who is Nanerpus?– It’s a post about Dennys and Mike Ryan! What’s not to love?

An Entirely Different View from the Roost– Ryan’s first trip to the press box. Amazingly, not the last.

I’d Always Win in the End– My favorite pregame post that led into my favorite post of all time. Perfect setup for a perfect game.

A View from the Roost: Too Perfect– Hands down my favorite post of all time. What a game. This was called by another blog the best game summary they had ever read.

No Secret Anymore– One of our favorites. There was a period were Jerry Sullivan was on fire. You could argue Ryan was as well.


Trade Deadline Live Blog– That was a really fun day. One of the busiest in Roost history.

A Simple Plea– See? Posting as Goose is fun.

Hat Guy on T.O.– This one only made me miss Fire Joe Morgan

A View From the Roost: Monumental Failure– We still don’t want to talk about this one.

No Magic Numbers– Ryan talked about this kind of thing a lot this month.

On Silence– Ryan liked this one, and I’m sure someone out there did, too.

End Game– Chris kind of went “a little nuts” on this one.

Ottawa Bad?– It’s interesting in hindsight, isn’t it?

We Have Already Crossed the Rubicon– Sort of a eulogy of the Sabres’ season.

Faces of Wayne– Ryan really thought this one would go over better…

On Tavares and the Press Box– Probably my best post about the Bandits.


New Blood– April Fools.

A View From the Roost: The Beautiful Game– This was an awful game for the Sabres but a great game for hockey fans.

Winners– A post about the Red Wings and winning.

Miller’s Town– We liked Miller’s end of season interview.

Relics– A post on leaders.

Choir Boys and Demolition– This one was an interesting mix of emotions.

What We Knew All Along– Perhaps the most important post in the history of the blog.

Why New York is in Trouble– The only time I’ve ever uploaded a video to YouTube.

Street Signs and Polar Bears– A look back on the Leitch/Bissinger moment.


Coming Home– I like Todd Marchant.

Carter, Pominville, and Indicators– In other words, The New Nathan Horton Redux.

If It Happens– Chris talks about steroids and championships.

If you’re bored, take some time and read through some of our best. Anyone have any favorites? Anything we missed? Let us know…