Golisano Moving To Florida

By Chris

As Larry Quinn once said, “Tom Golisano isn’t going to be around forever.”

Quinn may have been referring to Golisano’s ownership of the Buffalo Sabres, but according to the Rochester Business Journal, the Paychex founder is leaving the state completely:

Thomas Golisano announced Thursday he is changing his residence to Florida, citing the burden of income and property taxes in New York.

Golisano made the announcement during his speech at the 2009 Financial Executive of the Year Awards luncheon, which is co-presented by the Rochester Business Journal, showing his Florida driver’s license in a slide accompanying the presentation.

He spoke about how local property taxes are higher than most areas of the country and even other parts of the state, and said the system for making and challenging assessments is flawed.

In an interview Wednesday with the Rochester Business Journal, Golisano said the move will not affect his position as chairman of Paychex Inc. or the company itself, nor his ownership of the Buffalo Sabres. His philanthropic efforts will continue locally, as they also extend to areas in the Southeast, he said.

Now when they said it won’t affect his ownership of the Sabres, I’m pretty sure that means he’ll maintain the same role he had this season: Let Quinn do everything. Not necessarily good news.

On the bright side, we won’t have to deal with another failed gubernatorial campaign.