Going North

by Ryan


Today I’m making the trip to Toronto to see the Red Sox play for the first time this year. It’ll also be the first time I see a baseball game outside of a press box this season, something I’m pretty excited about.

This season is the first time I’ve devoted myself fully to a baseball team. As a Sox fan living a few hundred miles away from Boston in relative economic restrictions, it’s been tough to catch 100+ games per year and feel like I really know the team. I’ve been following the team for years now, but it’s different to always have a team there to watch.

When it’s just ESPN, Fox, and Yankees games you miss the ebb and flow that a baseball season has. The ups and downs are not there, they are single games and a series or two mixed in with dozens of box scores and SportsCenter highlights. Simply put, the detachment is downright depressing.

This year thanks to $130 bucks, that’s not a problem. I’ve never been happier with an online purchase, and I feel a whole lot closer to a team that takes up my summers. I’ve never enjoyed watching the Royals more than I have this year over the past few months.

However, today is the best part of being a baseball fan: seeing that team in person. Even in Toronto, there’s nothing like seeing your team play. The food may be expensive and the currency may look funny, but there’s no comparison to seeing your nine guys playing when you paid for the tickets.

I’ll be back with stories.

One Comment

  1. I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I’ve always wanted to go up to Toronto to catch a MLB game up there. Have fun!