Going Long

By Chris

Bills quarterback Trent Edwards and wide receiver Lee Evans took part in Blue Jays batting practice last night.

How’d they do?

Edwards belted a pair of home runs into the left-field seats and burst out of the cage celebrating them. Evans looked like, well, a football player as he hit a few ground balls to the outfield and not much more.

“That’s tough. I got tired with just about 10 swings in there,” a smiling Edwards said. “I can’t imagine doing that every day. I got some groin issues right now, blisters on my hands. Part of the game of playing baseball I guess.”

“I was a little nerved up and I got a little winded,” Evans (left) said. “I didn’t expect to get winded. I’ve never been a strong hitter. I just use my speed and be an athlete out here. I hit a couple base hits. That’s my game. I’m not for power. One base at a time.”

If anyone managed to get a video of this, we’d love to see it. After all, that’s more offense than the Bills were able to muster up all of last season.