Game One Thoughts

by Ryan


Because the photo is so perfect, let’s ruin it with some quick hits about the Penguins/Hurricanes game.

– Do you think one of the Staal brothers looked at the other before a faceoff and asked which highway they were going to scream at after getting wasted later that night? Nah, me either.

– I could not have been more surprised that Miro Satan’s move worked. Not only that, it was downright sick.


It was like watching a ghost breakdance. Pretty cool, but where the hell did that come from?

– Carolina had 12 shots in the first period, but finished the game with just 13 more in the final two periods. Just 7 shots in a period you need to have isn’t a very strong showing, especially when you consider how many shots came very late in the game.

– The game was relatively penalty-free, and I think that helped the flow of the action. With two teams like this, the less penalties the better the action.

– Combined TOI for Satan and Boucher? 19:32. Malkin’s TOI? 20:01. Those are your three goal scorers for the Penguins.

Bob McKenzie thinks injuries to Erik Cole and Tuomo Ruutu could hurt Carolina. Yeah, that sounds reasonable.


  1. NoUseForANickname

    Before the game what do you think the odds of two ex-sabres scoring would of been?

    More or less likely than a shark attack?

  2. Much, much less.