Fighting Sue

by Ryan

Yesterday the University of North Dakota announced that they would lose the “Fighting Sioux” in their team names. This means a lot of work needs to be done at Ralph Engelstad Arena, which has a few hundred Sioux logos in and around the building.

It also means a new team name needs to be picked, which in turn spells the end of nice hockey jerseys like this:


We have a few suggestions for a replacement name:


The Fighting Drew Staffords


The Fighting Chuck Klostermans


The Fighting William H. Macys


The Fighting Buffaloes

And finally…


The Flats.

Any other suggestions? Have at it in the comments.


  1. Is that an actual shot from a game at the top? The way those Fighting Sioux are posed and grinning makes that look like a photo from “Hockey! The Musical!”

  2. katie

    haha the fighting drew staffords. sounds about right.

  3. All that’s missing is the jazz hands.

    I vote for the Fighting Drewwwwwwwww. All they’d have to do is add some very expressive eyebrows to all the Native American heads around the arena.

  4. peter farrell


    If they have to get rid of that logo there’s gonna have to be motherlodes of work done there. That logo is EVERYWHERE in the building. Notice in one article linked where it’s on the floor. That floor is made of some rare European granite and getting rid of just that logo would require taking a jackhammer to the floor…that’s not a painted on logo.

    Visited “The Ralph” in ’05, and if I recall Ralph Engelstad was a huge supporter of the logo. So much so that when the school tried to eliminate the logo(while venue was under construction) Ralph sent a sternly worded letter to the school stating in so many words “Keep the logo or I’m walking away from this building and I don’t care if it’s a half built pile of steel and concrete”.

    I’m guessing the enormous amount of logos in the venue was his idea to see to it that it never was changed.

  5. NoUseForANickname

    What was the name of that Volleyball team we were following for a while?