Epic… Something

by Ryan

I should probably have an opinion on the Red Wings/Ducks game. In fact, I hear the third period was pretty exciting. As a matter of fact, someone told me something really interesting happened in the last 60 seconds or so that will be worth debating with some people or something.

However, I did not see the third period of that game. Trust me, I tried. At 12:37am, Time Warner Cable decided that I didn’t want to see the third period of that hockey game. Instead, it showed me this for about two hours:


I’m not kidding. Every single channel (aside from three cable access channels, mind you) froze, including Versus. Oh, and it crashed the internet, too. It’s a good thing I don’t have phone through Time Warner, or we would have been knocked back into the stone age for the night. I did have my own theories; but alas none came to fruition.


So yeah, about that goal. Well, watch this about 3600 times on mute. That’s my answer.


  1. Mark M.

    I’m loving this series. Honestly, I don’t know which team I respect more.

    The Red Wings seems to do everything well. They skate well. The pass well. They never seems to have periods of lethargy. They can play tough. They can play skilled. They are like a machine – always probing for their opponent’s weakness.

    The Ducks are the team I wish the Sabres were. Built from the back and loaded with toughness. I know it’s cliche, but if Anaheim wins, it will be because of Hillar. Osgood is a very solid goaltender, but I don’t think he can steal many games anymore. Hillar’s ceiling is much higher.

  2. Mike

    You need a Geico tag.

  3. You WILL switch to Geico.