by Ryan

We’ve seen questionable hits from Ovechkin before, but is his hit on Sergei Gonchar intentional? I honestly don’t think so, but it certainly is asking for discussion on a Saturday morning when the Bisons game might be rained out. We’ll have plenty to talk about today, including how pathetic NBC is, among other things.

Oh, and you’re crazy if you think Ovechkin is getting suspended for this; dirty or otherwise.


  1. I don’t think it was intentional, they both seemed to leave their knees in the path of destruction. I hope Gonchar is OK.

  2. Jrr1911

    Why would he intentionally hit Gonchar with HIS kneecap? Isn’t there the same chance that Ovechkin would get seriously hurt from that collision? I think a 2 minute tripping minor (which was called) was the right punishment for that incident.