by Ryan

it’s hard to imagine tonight’s game disappointing anyone.

Leave it to me to completely jinx it.


I suppose we were due for a blowout. To be completely honest I don’t really think you could be shocked by the result. Washington was a team with a rookie goaltender and a handful of players missing in action. Still, crowd noise and the value of Ovechkin should have kept them in this game just like it did the first six games.

Over time we will hear the truth about this series, and perhaps it will explain things a bit more. Already we’ve heard that Ovechkin and Green were playing hurt; although by comparison that still doesn’t excuse Green. If that’s the way Ovechkin plays hurt, I’d love to see how well he plays when he’s 100 percent.

Penguins Capitals Hockey

Everyone will show you the first picture, but I think this one is more important. Looking back on the series, I think this goal says it all. Ovechkin trying to do too much, and Crosby calmly taking advantage. This is something we wouldn’t have seen from Sid a few years ago, but just like the “C” on his sweater he’s grown into the role he’s been anointed for.

I think the biggest difference between the two stars is that Crosby really did get some help. Each team may be loaded with stars, but Crosby happens to have a number one draft pick between the pipes for him. He’s not getting help in the coaching department, but his secondary scoring showed up where Semin and Green failed Ovechkin. Oh, and the Penguins can play defense.

Game Seven isn’t going to solve the “who’s better?” argument, but it does take care of which team deserves to move on. Plenty of people are going to make more of it than that, but I think there’s plenty of time and plenty of games left to figure that out.


  1. Any ideas what those green dots are on Ovie’s right elbow??