Cup Champs, Moore’s Wrist, and New Ownership

by Ryan

Here’s a few things we found interesting before we talk about the Pens/Canes Game Two:

– Turns out Dominic Moore was dealing with some wrist problems during his time in Buffalo:

Moore suffered a fracture of the trapezium bone in his right wrist shortly after he was traded from the Toronto Maple Leafs to the Buffalo Sabres at the March 9 deadline.

Such pain is common to a hockey player, and since he never thought it was anything but possibly a re-aggravation of an old injury, he played on.

It wasn’t until a visit to his Toronto doctor after the season that he discovered the problem.

“Shortly after I got to Buffalo, I noticed it hurting,” the popular former Leaf said yesterday.

I’m not sure how much this hurt his play, but I’m sure it didn’t help it. Sometime before July 1st we’re going to talk a bit about Moore and figure out just what he’s worth.

– Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand sent a letter to Gary Bettman letting him know he’s doing a bang-up job on this whole Coyotes thing.

– Jerry Sullivan had a really TEXT on Ralph Wilson and the passing of his daughter.

– In case you forgot, this is what it looks like when you win the Stanley Cup on NHL 94:


Exciting, I know.

– The MLB has approved new controlling owners for Toronto and Minnesota. This means we know which Rogers to hate when Bills ownership issues come up, right?

– Speaking of hate, Pierre McGuire is officially interested in the Wild GM job. Even if he gets it, we’re still using his official ratings system.

– Thanks to Buffalo Geek and a text from Rich, we added two books to our reading list. We should have a review of Scar Tissue up very soon, so be on the lookout for that.

I’ll be back with some Bisons thoughts and a preview post of Game Two.