Bandits Need A Win and Some Help

by Ryan


If you’re a Buffalo Bandits fan, you might be watching your computer screen over your television tonight. The Bandits take on the New York Titans at the Prudential Center in New Jersey at 7:30.

While the game won’t be seen on TV, will have a live feed that fans can tune into. They will also have a feed for the San Jose/Calgary game as well. Since Calgary is the top seed in the playoffs, Buffalo needs to win and see San Jose win in order to host the NLL Championship game.

Now I think it’s great that the NLL is putting games online. It’s a great way for fans to keep up on games and I’ll be tuning in for sure. However, can we talk about how bad the NLL website is? I mean, this is what the homepage looks like at the time of this posting:


Now it’s not the most creative of web designs, but that’s not the point. See those ads underneath the top stories and on the sidebar? That game happened a week ago. The links are dead. Go ahead, click on them and try buying tickets to a game that happened on May 2. I mean, is this the best they can do? The Bandits website needs some serious work as well, but at least they have current ads on the site. Yikes.

Having the games right there is great, but the league needs to do quite a bit of work to raise their profile online. When a team like Minnesota has a better website than the entire league’s homepage, there’s some work to be done.

7:30pm start from New Jersey. Here’s hoping I have one last game to cover this year.