Bandits Go Quietly Against New York

by Ryan


All season long the Bandits worried about secondary scoring. On Saturday, those worries turned into an absolute nightmare.

The New York Titans held John Tavares and Mark Steenhuis scoreless in route to a 9-3 win over Buffalo on Saturday. The two forwards were atop the league in scoring all season, but were limited to just two assists each by New York.

New York’s Casey Powell (2+5) was a factor in seven of New York’s nine goals, and Buffalo struggled to contain him despite their best efforts. The Titans, however, seemed content to shut down Buffalo’s top two weapons while allowing just 44 shots.

Buffalo got goals from Sean Greenhalgh, Mike Accursi, and Kevin Dostie; but three goals in 60 minutes is a far cry from a 25 goal outburst the Bandits had earlier in the season. All three scorers are guys that Bandits fans expected more production out of this year, only to be frustrated when Steenhuis and Tavares failed to find the back of the net.

After taking out the defending champions, New York will now travel to Calgary to take on the Roughnecks. For the Bandits, they face a long offseason and plenty to think about.

The team faltered down the stretch after a 5-0 start, losing the opportunity to host a second round playoff game on the final day of the season. Because of the loss to Boston, New York clinched the East division and the right to play in the cavernous Prudential Center with just over 5,000 fans in attendance.

Most embarrassing of all, the Bandits were held scoreless in the first and fourth quarters of Saturday’s game. Bandits head coach Darris Kilgour had said time and time again this season that the only team he worried about was his own. The Bandits had a habit of beating themselves, and a three goal performance in the playoffs certainly points towards that.

Now Bandits fans are left wondering what their roster and the league will look like next season.

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  1. Cristina

    they only became so bad after you started your internship. ha. but it could have been katie too i mean it was her first year with seasons. and i’m pretty sure i’m not ready for what this off season has in store. especially not with that injury to kenny, richie retiring and johnny thinking he;s too old at 40 to play. eventhough i’m pretty sure this was probably the best i have ever seen him play game after game. i just really hope it doesnt all turn into a big mess.