Almost Like a Real ‘Notebook’

by Ryan

It’s been a while since we’ve had a links post, but there’s plenty going on in the sports world these days. After this week you’ll see the posting become more frequent around here, and I’m excited about the chance to spend more time around these parts.

  • The Bisons won two of four against the Louisville Bats this weekend, and of course I wasn’t there to see either of them. I was there on Friday to see them completely implode before getting the second half of a doubleheader washed out. I couldn’t figure out a way to describe how awful that loss was, but luckily Mike Harrington did.


  •  Also, I’m going to enjoy the Wily Mo Pena era while it lasts. In five games Pena’s 5/16 with 4 RBI and an .833 OPS. It’s a small sample size for sure, but right now he’s the only other real hitting threat on the team besides Fernando Martinez.


  •  Oliver Perez may soon be with the Herd as well. If there is any good news for Bisons fans it is that the Mets are having their problems as well. We may see a good number of players pass through the system over the summer, and after the start we’ve seen that can’t be a bad thing.


  •  Bandits fans may have spent yesterday scoreboard watching, but they didn’t go away happy. The top seeded Calgary Roughnecks easily handled Colorado Mammoth, meaning the top three seeds are still alive in the playoffs. For Buffalo to get another home game they would need to beat New York (obviously) and see Calgary lose to San Jose on Saturday.


  • The New York Titans also have announced they will host the Bandits at the Prudential Center. Buffalo was told the game would take place at MSG after their win on Saturday, but I guess playing in New Jersey makes more sense. Hey, it works for the Jets.


  • Speaking of New York sports, Charles Wang regrets buying the Islanders. I’m sure a lot of Isles fans feel the same way.