After Three

by Ryan

We’re getting down to the final (hopefully) seven hockey games of the year, and our little picks contest is winding down as well. Here are the point totals from the last round:

Kate- 5
Mark B.- 5
Ryan- 4
Sabresfan88- 4
HeatherB.– 4
Zach- 4
Steve- 4
Erika- 4
Jonathan- 4
NoUseForANickname- 3
Ebscer- 2
Brian S.- 2
Becky- 2
Jack- 2
dave in Rocha- 2
Marth- 2

No one got it perfect, but we all did pretty good. More importantly, here are the overall totals:

Kate- 24
MarkB.- 22
Erika- 21
Heather B. 21
Sabresfan88- 20
dave in Rocha- 19
MarthMarth- 19
Jonathan- 19
Brian S.- 18
Zach- 18
Jack- 17
Steve- 16
Dave- 15
Ebscer- 15
Becky- 15
Chris- 14
Chris Smith- 13
Spavery- 12
Lisa- 12
Frosty- 12
Norm- 11
Jon- 11
Jennifer- 6

Kate still has the overall lead, and unless Mark B. makes an impressive comeback she will win our spectacular prize. Make sure you put your picks in the comments, and continue to make fun of my terrible performance.


  1. erika

    Pens in six. Yeah I said it.

  2. erika

    …and my angry dan bylsma face agrees.

  3. jack


  4. I’m going Pens in five, yeah as of now I’m bucking the trend.

  5. Sabresfan88

    Wings in 5 or 6. Hmm. Wings in 6.

  6. markb

    I think Kate’s got the crown but here goes:

    Wings in 7

  7. I want to take the Wings, but I have a feeling I’ll be rooting for the Pens. Then again, Sidney didn’t respect curses and superstitions, and there’s bound to be retribution. Bottom line, I can’t make a decision and am hoping for a good series.

    Detroit in 7

    The commercials won’t be as nauseating if the Wings are the Stanley Cup champs.

  8. spavery

    shouldn’t I at least get a couple points for getting every series wrong???

  9. I’m so scared. I REALLY want to win.. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. My heart says Pens, but my brain says Wings.

    I think I have to do it….Wings in 7 (sad tear)

  10. ebscer

    Penguins in 6

  11. steve

    Red Wings in 5

  12. Lisa

    Pens in 7

  13. MarthMarth

    wings 6