After Seven

by Ryan

Hurricanes Bruins Hockey

It’s not hard to hate Carolina from my viewpoint, but last night the NHL finally got its real villains. I doubt many people will be rooting against Crosby come Monday night. Not around here, at least.

Ducks Red Wings Hockey

Oh, and the big red monster rolls on. Chicago is in for a heck of a series, and we can’t wait.

We’ll total up last round’s picks in a bit. For now, start picking series in the comments if you’d like. We’ll have an official post up shortly. Plenty of coverage of both Conference Finals to come.


  1. Penguins in 5

    Chicago in 7

    Both of my paper brackets have been trashed with Boston losing, even though I have Detroit on one – the rest is a mess. Might as well root for a dynasty in the making.

  2. Steve

    I’m starting to hate Crosby and Malkin more than I hate Brind’amour and Staal, this is horrible! If Chicago doesn’t beat Detroit I don’t think I’ll even watch the finals.

  3. NoUseForANickname

    I think Steve is bang on…I’ve been cheering for Carolina since they started making their run in the second half of the season, despite the Brind’amour issue (that he’s a dick and it’s hard to root for him.

    We will all remember that conference finals and what a bitch it was to lose, but they just had a better team left at the end of it – you can’t hate them forever because of that. Unless it’s the Dallas Stars.

    Detroit in 5, Carolina in 6.

  4. I dislike both the Canes and the Bruins, so I guess I root for the Pens.

    These playoffs have showed you don’t need a great goalie to win.

    Look at Khabibulin’s stats 2.76 GAA and a .896 save%

    If you want to see what the difference in that series will be, if Chicago can outscore Detroit. They sure won’t a low scoring affair.

  5. Keller

    @Jonathan…throw out the 5 goal game (that they won) and The Wall is indeed a great playoff goalie.

    The one thing I’ve learned this playoff year is the Sabres are so far away from being a contender….no depth…no grit…its gonna be a long season next year.

    Kelly Chase said (yesterday), too bad the Blues aren’t in a division with Toronto and Buffalo…those teams stink and are getting worse. Columbus, Detroit, Chicago, Nashville are good and getting better…the Northeast would be easier to compete in.

    Its gonna be tough next ye