Why New York is in Trouble

by Ryan

What’s wrong with that video?

Well for one thing, that’s the only one the Rangers decided was necessary to show of their players online. If there was ever an argument for the teams not having control of postgame video, this is it. They give us 96 seconds of three interviews spliced together, and John Tortorella dodging questions from all sides. But here’s what you didn’t see from Drury’s interview.

The sound is awful but turn it up, it’s important. Did you see the look on his face? His team just got completely outclassed in all facets of the game, he’s playing hurt, and someone wants to play James Brown after the game while the media is around? That’s the look of a guy who’s completely disgusted with his team, and I don’t blame him.

Remember this?

Before Drury joined the Sabres — acquired from the Flames — the locker room music stayed on loud and long before games, and no one hit the weight room after. Drury walked in his first day and turned off the stereo. “I thought, What’s wrong with this guy?” says Buffalo defenseman Brian Campbell

If you ask me it seems that either Chris Drury lost the locker room, or he never really had it at all. That’s not the kind of thing he takes lightly, especially in the playoffs. Whether it was a player who made a mistake or some intern blasting the stereo as a joke, it’s not the image a team wants to put out there. That doesn’t look good for anyone involved, especially a team that’s supposed to have leadership like Drury’s.

It may be making something out of nothing, but that looks like a team in trouble if you ask me. For all I know they could go into MSG and shut things down on Sunday, but after a game like that and watching Tortorella grasp at straws in the postgame things can’t be very positive right now. Add in the Avery situation, a suddenly shaky Lundqvist, and the general indifference that video shows and you could see a series slowly slipping away from the Rangers.


  1. Mike

    It’s like Drury and the Sabres need each other…
    (If I didn’t say it someone else would have. But I think he probably would be happier in Buffalo.)
    I think it’s all on Lundqvist. If Lundqvist stands on his head again, the Rangers have a good chance of pulling this one out. The Rangers aren’t a good enough team on their own otherwise.

  2. Drury never had the Rangers. No one does. What’s happening now is the completion of the collapse that they staved off when the Panthers and Sabres couldn’t take advantage down the stretch.

  3. Ha! I love it.

    Maybe Drury would have a bit more credibility in that locker room (doubtful- the Rangers seem like a collection of heartless a-holes) if he hadn’t been a -3 in under 7:21 minutes of ice time last night. I know he’s playing hurt, but maybe he shouldn’t be.