What We Learned

by Ryan

It was another busy night in the NHL, and as the first round draws near a climax we are starting to learn a few things about the playoff picture. Here’s what we learned last night.

Bruins Canadiens Hockey

– Montreal isn’t going to look like this next year. The sad faces maybe, but the coach and many of the players aren’t going to be there come fall. The fans are tired of first round defeats, and they can’t bring everyone back with a roster like that. Their centennial didn’t go as planned, and year 101 is going to look very, very different.


– Henrik Lundqvist is a bigger deal than I gave him credit for. Let’s go back to my first round predictions and what I said about the Rangers and Capitals:

I have no faith in the Rags this spring, but I do have faith in Lundqvist. He will steal a few games, but Washington just has too much firepower. They aren’t getting far with a one-dimensional power play and suspect goaltending, but they will get out of the first round.

Well, I was half right. Lundqvist has stolen a few games, it just so happens that he stole three and has another three chances to steal one more. Again, goaltending only becomes more important in the post season and Lundqvist has been making his money this spring.

Blackhawks Flames Hockey

I mean, who else was going to make that play to seal the game?

The Calgary/Chicago series has shaped up as the best of the first round. This one is going seven games, and I can’t wait. Again, I’m still not sure who I want to see win, but I know I’m not missing a game. Last night I was really impressed by not only how Chicago came back but how Calgary answered in the end. These are two really good teams that are going to be good for quite some time, and I hope we see this match up for years to come.

Even with two sweep we’ve seen some good hockey in the opening round. I really hope these series go long, because the more hockey we play the closer we get to another long summer.

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  1. I find it absolutely hysterical that Gainey decided it’s Tampa GM Brian Lawton’s fault that his team melted down.