Toss Up

by Ryan

So we’ve established just how mediocre the Sabres are, but would you rather be the Islanders?

Islanders Hurricanes Hockey

Last night they watched a laugher from the bench, with the Canes out shooting New York 57-12. The worst part about it all is that all three periods are mirror images of eachother. A goal early, a goal in the middle, and a goal late in each. That’s impressive no matter what team you’re playing.


If there’s any comfort for a Sabres fan this time of year, it’s that they aren’t the Islanders. They barely put an NHL-calibur roster on the ice because of a ton of injuries, and they might not even get the first overall pick out of it. They are also in dire need of a new arena, and try getting a building built in this economic climate.

Then again, at least they are going to get better right away. Consider that the Sabres are looking at the 12th overall pick right now, that’s not a guy who is ready to contribute right away. Tavares or Hedman will help right away, and with guys like Okposo already in the system the Isles will see an improvement next year.

So what’s better? Bottoming out, or consistent mediocrity?


  1. Easy, bottoming out. At least you get a quality player that you can insert into the lineup right away and if you bottom out enough you can turn your team around like the Penguins.

  2. NoUseForANickname

    Consistent mediocrity = Leafs

    They have, for years, finished in the lower middle, never getting a good pick, never sucking rocks for a couple years because of all the pressure from the fan base. They always traded prospects and draft picks for players, signing whatever else they could, to try and appease the fans. Thus, they never put together an especially good lineup.

    The ultimate example remains Quebec/Colorado, which had 4/5 years of terrible hockey in Quebec City followed by a decade-plus (in Colorado) of great hockey based on the players they drafted.

    • NoUse,

      That’s a great, great point. I agree with both of you, and I was going to mention teams like the Penguins and Caps but wanted to leave that up to you guys. Glad to see I’m not alone, although I’d rather have an arena than be stuck in the situation the Isles currently face.

  3. There are teams like the penguins who bottomed out and got good. There are also the Islanders, the Coyotes, and the Kings, who have bottomed out and been been stuck there forever. Atlanta hasn’t been too far behind in that department either.

    Despite missing the playoffs, buffalo could be much worse

  4. Beavis

    I seriously think Sabres fans need to take a page out of the playbook of their brethren in Detroit and Pittsburgh.

    In the past year, fans of the NFL’s Lions and MLB’s Pirates have each staged “walk outs” to protest how their teams were being run.

    I think it would send a very loud and clear message to the Man Behind the Curtain (aka Larry Quinn) about our disdain for this roster and the future of the organization.

    So let me be the first one to start the official HSBC Walk Out drive. For the final regular season game against Boston on Saturday, every Sabres fan who cares about this team should leave the arena in protest after the first intermission.

    I know it’s asking a lot of fans after they pay so much for a “silver” priced game, but how much is bettering this organization and protesting its recent managerial decisions worth?

    I will post this idea to Bucky in tomorrow’s chat and hope that he mentions it on his radio show or one of the News reporters (I’m talking to you Vogl and Harrington) will drop a little nugget in Saturday morning’s Sabres Notebook that fans are planning to stage a walk out.

    Let’s make this happen. HSBC Walk Out!!!!