This is Ourselves…

by Ryan

Tonight is what post season hockey is all about. Sixty minutes. One game. One handshake.

We’ve seen a lot of good playoff hockey this year, but the truly memorable series always have a truly memorable Game Seven. Tonight we have the chance to get two memorable Game Sevens, but there’s a catch: they will be played at the same time.

While the Caps/Rangers play in Washington, thirty minutes later the Devils and Hurricanes will face off in New Jersey. This creates an interesting situation: if both games are close there will be quite a bit of tension within that three hours. If you have the ability to watch both, you might have a hard time making that decision.

Either way, I’m excited about tonight. I’m not rooting for anyone in particular, but I know the feelings a Game Seven brings and I’m ready to watch them unfold for four different teams. Tonight we’re going to see some good hockey, and the first round is sure to go out with a bang.

So until the puck drops, listen to the song and think: “This is our last chance…”