Status Quo and Two Picks Signed

by Ryan

Just a few Sabres links while you wait for Friday night to come.

– The Sabres official Twitter has been working overtime this week, reporting that Darcy and Lindy will be back next season. Thank God they spent longer than 14 seconds on that “evaluation” Larry Quinn was talking about.


– The Portland Pirates are playing game two of their playoff series tonight against Providence. Game one was a 3-0 shutout for Jhonas Enroth in his first AHL playoff game. Pretty impressive. Maine Hockey Journal will have a live blog if you’re interested in keeping tabs on the game. is reporting that both Drew Schiestel and T.J. Brennan have both signed contracts with the Sabres. Both were picks in the 2007 NHL Draft. Chris is excited about Brennan because he once held the door open for him at the Pepsi Center. I’m excited about Schiestel because his Facebook was spectacular.

– Anyone else liking “The Portal” on You have to give the league credit, they’ve stepped up their online presence a lot over the last two seasons, and I think it’s starting to pay off.

– Also, Bettman has a Twitter, if that sort of thing interests you. Right now It looks like it’s going the way of Scott Oake’s Twitter but who knows, maybe he will get hooked.


  1. Mike

    Based on what you saw in his facebook, we’re not going to find Royesque pics of Schiestel floating around one day, are we?

  2. I’m happy to see the draft picks sign because it’s a change from season’s past.

    Hey, c’mon……22 seconds is definitely longer than 14 seconds.