by Ryan


This wasn’t supposed to happen.

It has nothing to do with the President’s Trophy or the number one seed, but what the heck just happened to the Sharks this year? All season they looked fantastic, and even though they stumbled a bit down the stretch like Ottawa last year and the Sabres the year before and…

Wait. Is that a trend we see developing? Does finishing strong really mean that much in the playoffs? If you ask me, yeah, I think it does. We’ve seen it with a team like Carolina this year, and we’ve seen it before in years past. Having a strong last ten games of the season seems so much more important than having the best record overall; and I guess it’s something we’ll find out with teams like Carolina and Pittsburgh as we go along here.


  1. “but what the heck just happened to the Sharks this year?”

    Same thing that happens every year?

  2. It’s the curse of the Presidents Trophy, which has more to do with the team buying into a mindset that says all they have to do is show up in order to win, as opposed to a traditional folklore curse.

  3. Mark M.

    Finishing strong definitely helps in the playoffs, but so does playing meaningful games in the month of April (prior to playoffs). It’s hard to tell which is more valuable.

    I think people underestimated the Ducks. They’re a tough team – maybe not as tough as they were a couple of years back, but put Sabres jerseys on that team and I am a very happy man. I know one thing, the Red Wings aren’t underestimating them.