Scoop Jokeson

by Ryan

This will be very short and very random, but I just can’t believe this. How the hell does this exist?

The Final Four of Ice Cream? Freaking ice cream? What? That’s something a Life and Arts writer at a local daily pitches and thinks they are witty. What a joke.

How are you putting this photo on a March Madness column and you’re not Free Darko?


The only possible connection with basketball (or any sport) this has is this, which is sketchy at best. I know his name is “Scoop”, but this has absolutely fucking nothing to do with anything. How does this story get pitched and his editor says, “you know what, I think we’re on to something here!”

Spoiler alert: Neapolitan won. It probably had good wingspan or something, and oh look, no one gives a shit.