by Ryan

If you are wondering why the content was a bit light this weekend, this is why:


I spent Saturday and Sunday in Toronto, which means for the second year in a row I missed almost every second of Draft coverage. Last year I was in Cleveland, which made things a bit easier. It’s a football town, and so almost anywhere I went I heard something about the draft even if it wasn’t about the Bills. I also wasn’t roaming and killing my cell phone because of it.

To sum things up, other than a few periods of Hockey Night in Canada, my entire sports existence was through text messages this weekend. If you’ve ever actually tried this, it’s really freaking strange. A lot has been made of the rise of Twitter and what it will make of news, and I think this weekend gave me my answer to that question: 140-160 characters isn’t enough to tell you what you want to hear.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was given plenty of updates about the ridiculous Red Sox game on Saturday, and I knew the score of the Penguins game; but I still feel like I missed so much. Where was the momentum shift? When did the crowd get into it? How did Satan play? These are the kind of things you can’t get in one text message.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m not sure what to think of the Draft just yet, and all I know about hockey is that the Rangers are dead. Today I will be playing catch up, watching more hockey, and trying to sort out what I saw in Toronto this weekend.

Trust me, I have stories.

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  1. jake

    Please say your stories involve a certain local athlete out on the town in Toronto this weekend