Reactions to Whitner’s arrest

by Chris

A sampling of some posts on Donte Whitner’s Facebook wall:

“come on donte… you supposed to be the leader of the team man… whats goin on??”

“Soooooooo, does it hurt to get tasered??”

“We are behind you, Marshawn, and Ko 100%! You have each proved your character to Bills nation. Everyone makes mistakes and true Bills fans all have your back! Looking forward to a great season!”

“Things will get better Donte. Real Bills fans still think your the man.”

“maybe you will be out with you teammate #23 watching three games from the bench as well. what a joke. waste of a 8th overall pick- god i hate Ohio State players BUSTS. You are just another athlete who thinks he has the world by his hand. I can only imagine if you didn’t have “talent” and make it in the NFL. BUM”

“Don’t listen to these fools Donte. Cleveland nightlife can be a trip. Keep ya head up playa and take your frustrations out on the field!”

“Hey Donte maybe your gaurantee for this year should be to stay out of jail oops well would be about as accurate as last years. Thanks for ruining a lifelong Bills fan opinion of you. You players shouldn’t be in these positions to begin with stay home invite all your friends and some ladies stay in a controlled environment and party your ass’s off all you want. As a Father of a 9 year old Bills fan i have a difficult time explaining to my son that his heroes (you and 23) make mistakes but it does not mean your bad people. When you guys are getting arrested for silly things. Please get your shit together and get my beloved Bills to the damn playoffs”

“Don’t listen to what some of these people are saying. The facts haven’t come out yet, and we got your back”

“This isn’t a forum to bash Donte. Do it on an independent message board. Give the guy some respect.”

“Donte, Keep your chin up. I’ll wait for the truth to come out before commenting.”

“Donte I have one thing to say, just pray & GOD will have your back. You don’t need all these fake & phonies on your facebook page. DELETE them! Keep your head up & press on. You’re a bright young man whom I’m very proud to represent the Buffalo Bills. :-)”

“Kelly, Smith, Thomas, and Reed were no choir boys. Everyone does stupid things when they’re young. But now you should know that, as a young NFL star, trouble will FIND you. Be careful, be smarter. Go Bills.”

“Good role model there Mister United Way.”

“don’t tase me bro!”

“What is up with some of you people? Would you really be taunting a “real” friend on facebook if they got in trouble? Donte – I wish you the best. everyone makes mistakes – just got to make sure you learn from them.”

“sorry to hear about the bad news donte”

“wow, thats all i gotta say…..extreme disappointment”

“Your the defensive leader of the buffalo bills, a millionaire in your early twenties, have god given athletic ability and your outside some bar at three in the morning resisting arrest. A couple words for ya hot shot: wake up, wake the fuck up! How stupid can ya be, honestly. Its seems evident that you and your boy (marshawn) use your IQ levels as your numbers.

From just another dissapointed bills fan. ”

“big deal if donte got arrested! half you hipacrits been arrested 2! we need swag on the team lol”

“Dont listen to the haters man. A disorderly and resisting arrest charge is nothing to lose sleep over. Weve all been there.”

Yes sir, we’ve all been there…

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  1. “This isn’t a forum to bash Donte. Do it on an independent message board. Give the guy some respect.”


    Without a question, this has been my favorite post regarding the Donte fiasco.

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