One Sentence

by Ryan


Hurricanes Devils Hockey

Towel-waving fans that threatened to raise the roof off the building as Brodeur turned aside chance after chance in the third period’s second half were suddenly rendered by the Meltdown on Mulberry Street, a loss that ranks right up there, uh, down there, with the “Matteau, Matteau” lose(sic) to the Rangers in the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals and the 2001 Stanley Cup Final Game 7 loss to Colorado at the Pepsi Center.

Yup, that’s one sentence. Now after reading it six or seven times I’ve started to grasp what he’s trying to say, but come on now. This story went up at 12:20 am last night, over two hours after the game was over. You’re telling me that didn’t see a copy editor or a rewrite through all that time?

Picky, I know; but if any of us wrote like that no one would read at all.