On the Epic Failure That Was Saturday

by Ryan

Devils Sabres Hockey

Jamie’s watching the replay of him destroying Andrej Sekera. Heartless.

Yesterday was sort of a quiet day for the Roost, mainly because I slept and no one else posts. Because the Devils game is well over 24 hours old, let’s go with some bullet points and move on to tonight’s game.

  • I’ve said before that I’m not worried about Tim Connolly, and Saturday gave me another reason for comfort. 1:34 mark of the video:

  • The similarities with this incident and the Gomez one are downright eerie, right down to the only guy who actually did anything about it. Good for Timmy, and good for this team. He’s the last guy I want taking punches, but I’m glad he’s at least willing to pay the price for standing up for someone even more important than himself.

  • Honestly, that’s about all I have to say about that game that is new in any way.  The Sabres did the same general assortment of things they do in big games.  Start slow, come back to play better in the second, and get close at the end.  This was a matter of them falling just short or stringing us along, and the former happened.  
  • The plain truth is that on Saturday, New Jersey looked like a team ready for the playoffs while the Sabres looked like a team fighting just to get there.  That sounds about right.  The problem is that the Sabres play three more of those before the season is over.  

I’ll have Red Wings post up in a little bit.  Promise.