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by Ryan

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Peter Forsberg won’t play an NHL game this season, but it looks like he’s picked his team for next year. The three-time All Star is reportedly negotiating a one year deal with the Buffalo Sabres, who hope the Swede will be ready to to play by the start of training camp in September.

The injury-plagued superstar did not sign with an NHL team this season as he continues to recover from frequent ankle problems. Forsberg, 35, played just nine regular season and seven playoff games last year with the Colorado Avalanche. He has recorded 885 points in 706 games in his 12-year NHL career. Forsberg has spent time in Nashville and Philadelphia, making the Sabres his fourth NHL team.

Terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Last season Forsberg signed a prorated $5 million contract on February 25, a cap hit of $1.123 million. Citing injury concerns, a new deal would likely be worth much less.

It is not clear why Forsberg choose Buffalo, as he has previously stated a return to the NHL would be with one of his three former teams. A captain in Philadelphia, Forsberg’s presence would bring more veteran leadership to a team in dire need of more talent.

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  1. Keller

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  3. This is one of those April Fools things, right?

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    sugar ray emery and chris neil are also ready to sign deal with sabres

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