Monday Afternoon Roundup

by Ryan

If you’re like me you watched about ten hours of hockey yesterday. If you didn’t, then this post is for you.

– I can’t say I was surprised by much of anything in the Penguins/Flyers game. I still stand by my prediction that the series goes back to Pittsburgh tied up at two. I know the Flyers played much more physical and had some jump, but I think it had a lot to do with the crowd.


I’m not so sure of my initial pick of Philly in six, but I think the series will go seven now. At least that’s what I’m hoping for, because it’s been great hockey so far.

– I’ve watched about ten minutes of the Devils/Hurricanes series, which is unfortunate because they’ve had two overtimes and seem to match up pretty well.


I do like this photo, though. That guy in black is clearly not impressed by the Hurricanes’ gameday presentation.

– The Vancouver series is over, and that’s a shame for St. Louis. Chris was right, Luongo is going to carry Vancouver until they decide they want to score goals. That’s a scary team out West.

– I have no idea what’s going on in San Jose, or even where Joe Thornton has been this series. Who has stepped up the most this series besides Hiller?


Drew Miller. All Drew Miller does is go out there and win Stanley Cups. He’s a winner, people.

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  1. Amy

    Drew Stafford for Drew Miller? Clarke MacArthur for Drew Miller? Let the Sabres be the third team in the league to have brothers playing for them.