by Ryan

Remember last year when I joked that the Bills would trade Jason Peters and draft Michael Oher? No? Well, here you go:

Now, I know you may think there are at least a dozen holes in that scenario, and well, you’re right. However, it must be true because that’s all I can come up with, and I’ve had three months to think it over. If anyone has any other ideas I’m willing to listen, but I think we may as well just accept the fact that Michael Oher will be a Bill within twelve months.

Back then I was kidding because it seemed very unlikely that Peters was going anywhere. Peters was a great story and a player just starting to enter his prime. The Bills were going to do the right thing and lock him up long-term. Everyone knows the value of a good left tackle, and with Trent Edwards pegged as the future of the franchise, keeping him safe was the top priority.

Which brings us to this morning’s trade. Let’s face it guys, we just threw Jason Peters under the bus. Forget the whining and contract demands, and look past the one below average season. What just happened here? Did we really just trade away our left tackle? The guy we groomed for the position to give our offensive line some continuity?

Suddenly the Michael Oher option really is an option. No, really, it is. So here’s the deal, Bills fans: go buy this book:


We’ve talked about it here before, but this has become required reading for Bills fans over the next week. If there is anything I learned from reading The Blind Side it is that Michael Oher might just be the biggest “work in progress” in the draft.

So that’s the question, I guess: is a guy like Oher going to be worth the trouble? What is the value we are losing with Peters, and is avoiding his contract demands worth the cost of adding another “need” to that draft board? I’m not sure I know the answers myself, but we have about eight days to figure all this out.

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  1. Sabresfan88

    Even if you were joking, I loved the idea because I was so sucked in by the story. I don’t know if he’s worth the work for this team right now, but if the Bills don’t trade that Eagles pick and they draft Michael Oher that late in the round, you won’t hear me complaining.