Cherry Pickin’: NHL Playoffs Round 2

As you saw from our first round scores these may not be the most insightful of picks, but here they are:


1. Bruins over 6. Carolina in 6. – If not for two minutes of terrible hockey, New Jersey would have won that series. Boston destroyed Montreal, and I think they will take care of the Canes, too. It won’t be as easy, but I suppose that’s the point.

2. Washington over 4. Pittsburgh in 7 – I honesty have no idea about this one, but it will be fun. It helps that these teams really don’t like each other. That’s what the playoffs are all about.


2. Detroit over 8. Anaheim in 6 – I think the Ducks are a lot better than their seeding, but Detroit is just a post season monster. I don’t see them underestimating the Ducks, and I don’t see them letting up until at least the next round.

3. Vancouver over 4. Chicago – I think this is the series that the youth in Chicago starts to show. Vancouver is built for this run, and I really see a Wings/Canucks final out West. That one would be fun.


Eastern Conference
1. Bruins over 6. Carolina in 5. Boston is well-rested and have more talent. The Bruins defense should be able to lock up the Hurricanes’ forwards.

2. Washington over 5. Pittsburgh in 7. This should be a great series with Ovechkin going against Crosby and Malkin. It really could go either way but I think having Game 7 in Washington will make the difference.

1. Red Wings over 8. Ducks in 5. Detroit has so much firepower and can match Anaheim’s physical style. Hiller showed in the first round that he may be able to steal a game but that’s probably all Anaheim will get.

3. Vancouver over 4. Chicago in 6. Goaltending should shine in this series and as much as I like the Blackhawks this year, Luongo has looked virtually unstoppable and should pave the way for a Vancouver win. Jonathan Toews had a superb series against Calgary and should be able to win at least one game for the Hawks.

Round Two MVP: Mike Green


Vancouver over Chicago in Six

Detroit over Anaheim in seven

Boston over Carolina in six

Washington over Pittsburgh in six