Character Flaw

by Ryan

I understand what a professional sports organization must do when it comes to public relations. It’s a thankless job that will almost always leave you as the bad guy, and that’s why I hate to mention things like this. Still, there are times I just can’t believe they expect us to fall for some of it.

For example, the term of the off season for the Bills seems to be “character.” If I’m not mistaken, that’s what’s wrong with Marshawn Lynch, Ko Simpson, and Donte Whitner, yes? They don’t have the proper “character” and have gotten into trouble with the law, and in turn that makes them problems for the team.

That’s also part of what made the Bills trade away a left tackle coming into his prime, right? I mean let’s not kid ourselves, the Bills didn’t want to pay Jason Peters plain and simple, but his complaints about it (justified or not) were considered a “distraction” that was affecting the team. I know that stories will soon trickle out about what a relief it is to have Jason Peters out of the locker room, and fans will be happy that a “crybaby” and “troublemaker” is off the roster.

Still, I’m confused by all this. Are we in the midst of another rebuilding effort? I thought all this continuity at the head coaching position was because we were making a run at the playoffs this fall, right? The Bills can’t possibly be done making moves this off season, but while preaching “character” they traded away a left tackle and brought in one of the most controversial wide receivers of all time.

Not only that, but the guy replacing our “suspended for violating the personal conduct policy” running back is someone with a DUI and domestic battery charges on his record. Is he the sort of “character” guy we are looking for, or is there a statute of limitations on this sort of thing? Does it not matter because he wasn’t wearing a Bills uniform at the time? Are we not here to talk about the past?

So please, someone help me out here. I don’t know what to make of all this “rebuilding.”

One Comment

  1. Character is a nice buzzword for coaches and executives to use, but it doesn’t mean crap when it comes to putting together a team.

    The only “character” they worry about is “will this guy be a team player?”

    T.O. will be, because he’s got something to prove. Peters obviously wouldn’t, so he’s gone.

    Rhodes, Lynch, Whitner and Simpson might be morons and/or criminals, but they will commit to being team players – so the other stuff can be overlooked.

    It might suck, but that’s simply the business of sports these days.