Carbon Dating

by Ryan

Thought experiment: when was this paragraph written?

No one is expected to lose his job in Buffalo. General manager Darcy Regier has a year left on his contract, but is considered a talent across the league and would be snapped up if he were fired or asked out of his final year. Regier did seem to distance himself a bit from ownership in a season-ending press conference, noting that his job was different from decisions made by ownership. Most of the blame seems to be directed at owner Tom Golisano and managing partner Larry Quinn, neither of whom are vulnerable to dismissal.

Last week? Last month? April 10, 2008? Yeah, that last one.


So what’s more alarming: the fact that absolutely nothing has changed for the Buffalo Sabres over the last calender year, or that you actually had to think about when that paragraph was written? If you think that’s the same thing, well, you’re starting to catch on.


  1. What’s alarming to me is that frankly, it doesn’t matter if Regier DOES get fired at some point. Regier has proven himself a solid GM when allowed to do his job without extra hands in the mix.

    But the Quinn-Regier team has now proven twice that it will dismantle a team through bad decisions (or simply not making decisions in time).

    Go ahead… Darcy……bring in a new GM.

    They’re not going to hire a total control type GM – Quinn will still have his hands in the mix.

    And none of that will change anytime soon.

    Go Bills? LOL

  2. That was depressing. Effective, but also depressing.