Blowing in the Wind

by Ryan


No pictures of string/thread/twine tonight, we all know that hope is long gone.

A commenter made a great point about the Leafs and mediocrity today, and I wanted to talk about it quickly before the game. Here’s what NoUseForaNickname said:

Consistent mediocrity = Leafs

They have, for years, finished in the lower middle, never getting a good pick, never sucking rocks for a couple years because of all the pressure from the fan base. They always traded prospects and draft picks for players, signing whatever else they could, to try and appease the fans. Thus, they never put together an especially good lineup.

I think it’s a really good point because that’s what the Sabres could be headed for if they aren’t careful. Fan support is still very high here, and although the pressure to win will never get anywhere near what the Leafs face in Toronto, it’s still there. For a small city Buffalo expects a lot of it’s teams, and missing the playoffs 5 of 7 years shouldn’t cut it with us.

The joke around the league is that you know it’s spring when the Leafs are out of the playoff race. The last two seasons the same joke can be made for the Sabres. It’s scary, but we don’t have all that much to brag about these days, and at the very least they have a GM in place that looks to have a pretty clear vision when it comes to his team.

It’s tough to admit, but at times I see teams like the Leafs and Senators in the same place as the Sabres. What I don’t see, however, is the Sabres getting better anytime soon. Not yet, at least.

Anyway, does anyone really see the Sabres losing this game? I don’t. Not that they win the next two, but I can’t imagine the Sabres drop this one and give us two games to evaluate who should be on the roster next season. If there’s an imaginary fight to the wire, Buffalo’s going to make it happen.

7:30 pm from Air Canada Centre. Of course we’re watching.